Sunday, November 23, 2014

Evening At The Pier

Out shopping trying to find some more items for our little sanctuary to decorate for the holidays.

Hanging On

All the trees have lost their leaves where I live and the feel of winter is slowly creeping in. It's definitely sweater season! And I just love this new sweater dress I snagged from Kustom 9, I couldn't decide if I liked wearing it more with or without leggings so I snapped a pic of each look. ;) I also found these gorgeous heels at My Attic for only 95L! They are for Slink feet and you have to purchase each color (several available) but they are well worth the lindens!! So go grab!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Do It In A Dress Campaign

I was shopping at the new Kustom 9 event, when I saw the cutest little vintage dress by Junbug.  I love to shop, but I really love when creators and designers create items for a great cause.  Do It In a Dress is a campaign to help educate girls in Africa.  This campaign is running through December 7th and all proceeds go to this charity. More Info on Junbug's website: So come on everybody let's get on board for this awesome cause and DO IT IN A DRESS!!!! 
The color Lamira is wearing is a specialty color for the Kustom 9 event.
The other colors are available at the Junbug Mainstore.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Come With Me

Another awesome outfit from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  I was lucky enough to get the Muka set Rare in White.  Such a lovely set, especially the shoulders which is a nice addition to such a sexy piece.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bare Face Challenge: Indigo

Well my lovely sister Lamira challenged me to show my bareness... so here goes.
 Me in all my bareness... Well not quite all xD
This challenge made me realize what's important and that is just being me, no frills, no bows, just me and it's okay.  Thanks sissy :)

Bare Face Challenge: Lamira

Seen this fun challenge on Flickr today and decided to accept the challenge. 
Basically, you take a picture of your avatar's face wearing NOTHING but your skin.
No eyelashes, no makeup, no enhancements, no photo editing! 

So here is my avatar Lamira all natural. 

Indigo, my beautiful sister....I challenge you to show your bareness!!  ;)

(Click for larger view on Flickr)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Lookouts

Another post with Indigo and I showing off more amazing items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Rangers/Archers are one of our favorite characters to play in MMO's and these outfits were perfect! A little sexy, a little bad ass, and beautifully textured. We also grabbed two great sets of boots from this month's We <3 Rolepay event! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Guardians

Lamira and I are avid MMORPG players and the Fantasy Gacha carnival with all the different RP outfits was right up our alley.  You may know by now I'm gacha addict, so this was a win all around.  We scored these amazing RP outfits and had to rave all about them.  This creator's gacha was very inexpensive for the awesome items included.  Not only was it reasonably priced, but each piece comes with a color change hud.  I truly loved this set and I will definitely be visiting her store.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I got this amazing outfit from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival by Zenith. I love this collection, as each piece is amazingly crafted.  I have always adored her work from the first day I came across her store in a sale event.  Every time I see her name on the designer list for an event, I make a mental note to set aside some Lindens to buy whatever she is selling.  I truly feel like I'm on the highest point.

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Eyes: (Buzzeri) ~Bewitched Eyes - Amber
Hair: (little bones)~ Barbarella~ Group Gift
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Glossy Pout Choco
Make-Up: (DeeTaleZ) ~ Makeup BLACK Eyeliner B
Make-Up:(BSD) ~ Supermodel Casusal Chic Collection
Piercings: (Cute Poison) ~Animus Piercings, Stellar Piercings & Aperient Piercings
Outfit: (Zenith) ~ Druid Complete Set @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Can't Keep Us Apart

Rain, Shine, Men, Traffic, nor Snow can't keep us apart! We will always find a way to meet and go shopping! We finally got to meet up at Sad November and played the gacha till we won these adorable windbreakers and boots from it's off to the next event! See ya'll there!
 Indigo's Wearing:

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Bewitched Eyes - Amber
Hair: (CaTwA) - Mesh C4 Hair
Make-Up: (DeeTaleZ)  Makeup BLACK Eyeliner B
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Glossy Pout Pink
Jewelry: (Ryca) -TPF - Gold
Jewelry: (Bowtique) - Strawberry Shortcake Ring
Windbreaker: (Neverwood) - November Windbreaker - Cranberry ~ Gacha @Sad November
Top: (Beautiful Dirty Rich) - Halter Top Teal
Pants: (Enelya's Creations) - Jess Remix Aqua
Boots: (Neverwood) - November Rain Boots - Cranberry ~ Gacha @Sad November
Purse: (Perch) - Sweet Case - Taffy
Umbrella: (Atik) - Gacha @Sad November

Lamira's Wearing:

Skin: (League) - Erin Medium - Mint Makeup
Hair: (Truth) - Twiggy
Eyes: (Ikon) - Hope - Denim
Windbreaker: (Neverwood) - November Windbreaker - Emerald ~ Gacha @ Sad November
Top: (Sn@tch) -  Emily Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater - Aqua
Pants: (Lolita) - Patsy Jeans - Aqua @ The Big Show Nov
Boots: (Neverwood) - November Rain Boots - Emerald ~ Gacha @ Sad November
Hands: (Slink)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Waiting Right Here

Ran into bad weather on the way to meet Indigo. Good thing I had time to stop by Sad November and pick up this cute jacket from Whatever. I also jumped over to Collabor88 and snatched up this adorable fox from MishMish. Now, I'm going to wait right here until Indigo arrives...or will I? ;)

Lamira's Wearing:

Hair:[Magika] Beans - Blondes
Jacket: [Whatever] Fur Jacket - White/Black @ Sad November
Leggings: [Gawk] Black Cotton Tights
Shoes:[Reign] Not Your Momma's Knit Boots (Past Group Gift)
Necklace: [Zaara] Banjara Silver Hasli Necklace @ Collabor88 Nov
Handheld: [MishMish] Little Fox To Hold - Black @ Collabor88 Nov

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Just Missed You

Aw I just missed you sis.  Guess I will have to be faster...But while I was trying to track you down, I picked up a couple more items from the Sad November event.  

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Bewitched Eyes - Amber
Make-Up: (DeeTaleZ)  Makeup BLACK Eyeliner B
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Glossy Pout Red
Hair: (Magika) - Written
Coat: (MoDANNA) - Bruine Collection- Whool Coat Red @ Sad November
Pants: (MoDANNA) - Bruine Collection -Buttoned Up Jeans Red @ Sad November
Shoes: (CandyDoll) -  Fuzzy Boot Black  @ Sad November
Purse: (Indyra) - Ireben Carry-All Color Change Tote
Jewelry: (F I N E S M I T H) - Vision Earrings @ Past Cosmo Event
Jewelry: (22769) - Ammunition Necklace - silver
Jewelry: (Maxi Gossamer) - Rings - Duchess dazzle Jewel
Jewelry: (Lazuri) Regal Desire - Red - Bracelets
Umbrella: (OldTimesPrims) - Black Umbrella - Free on Marketplace

Saturday, November 8, 2014

On My Way Sista

I'm in a rush! My sister Indigo is waiting for me to go shopping! And you all know a girl has to drop everything....and I do mean "everything" when her sister wants to shop! ;)  Good thing I'm already dressed for the occasion. Got this amazing jumpsuit and beautiful necklace from two different sales today(see credits below)...So off we go, to shop till we drop...or our men make us stop!

Lamira's Wearing:

Hair: [Argrace] Peyton - Sandy Blonde
Eyeliner: [League] Classic Wing Eyeliner
Lipstick: [Pink Fuel] Essential Lipstick
Outfit:[Modan Mesh] Ruffle Jumpsuit @ fi.friday Sale $55L
Shoes:[Reign] Buckled Pumps - Crimson
Clutch: [Pink Acid] All About Gold Clutch
Necklace: [Indyra] Heirloom Necklace Set @ 2 Day Sale (Mainstore)
Earrings: [Ryca] Hoop VN Gold
Bracelets:[Ryca] Fad S Gold

Bob The Pigeon: K Store
Location: Our Sim

Let's Go Sissy!!!

Standing outside Lamira's house waiting for her to get online, so we can go shopping!!!!! One great thing about having a sister is between the two of us, with all the fabulous events, sales and hunts going on we can cover more ground.
  Let's Go Sissy !!!

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Eyes: (BUZZERI) Bewitched Eyes - Amber
Make-Up: (DeeTaleZ)  Makeup BLACK Eyeliner B
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Glossy Pout Pink
Hair: (Lamb) - Halo - Black
Headband: (KITJA CHERIE) - Luna Headband Blue - TSS Gift
Coat: (CandyDoll) - Lolita -  Blueberry @ Sad November
Shoes: (CandyDoll) - Windie -  Blueberry
Purse: (TheSecretStore)  Tiny Satchel - Mustard Polka - Gacha

Friday, November 7, 2014

Brisk Walk

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Rumpshaker:(BANNED) FitMesh Booty
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Eyes: (ANGELICA) - Pheromone
Hair: (pr!tty) - Sophia
Make-Up: (Buzzeri) -  Nyx Eyeshadow - Valentine @ past event
Make-Up: (DeeTaleZ)  Makeup BLACK Eyeliner B- @ past event
Coat: (AMERICAN BAZAAR) West Coat Marine @ Sad November
Jeans: (MoDANNA) - Brooklyn Collection High Waist Jeans Dark Blue <3 Ty
Shoes: (REIGN) - Not Your Momma's Knit Boots - Group Gift
Jewelry: (BOOM) Eris Earrings - Onyx
Jewelry: (cheeky) -  Mystic Necklace -  Silver

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Soaking It All In

I was about to rush off to all the new monthly fashion events this week, but at the last minute, I decided to do the opposite. Instead of shopping, I found a rural, quaint little sim where I could explore and soak in all the natural beauty around me. Not to worry though, my shopping bags will be heaping full before Monday! ;)

Lamira's Wearing:

Hair: [Argrace] Straw Fedora/Chloe - Blondes <3 Love This!!
(Hud with 5 color changing options for Hat and Band) 
Eyes: [Ikon] Hope Eyes - Denim
Skin: [League]  Erin - Medium Skintone
Top: [Sn@tch] Emily Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater - Black
(Includes 10 colors w/ Lola-Slink Appliers)
Pants: [Spirit Store] Kusa Skinny Jeans @ Kustom 9 Oct
Suspenders: [Spirit Store] Kusa Suspenders @ Kustom 9 Oct
Watch: [Mandala] SitenNoah - Brown
Camera: [Attic] Elfman Vintage Camera - Black Rare @ Kustom 9 Oct
Shoes:[Kokoia] B/ W Bailarina (Group Gift $1L)
Pose: [Purple Poses] Brenda #2

Location: Roche

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Treat For the Road

I'm heading out to all the events this weekend and I figured I'd stop in my Cafe and grab myself a treat for the road.  Now I'm fueled up and ready to hit the events and SHOPPPPPPP!!!!  
xoxox Indigo

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Bewitched Eyes - Amber @ Kustom9
Hair: (Analog Dog) Joan
Make-Up: (Buzzeri) -  Nyx Eyeshadow - Valentine @
Make-Up: (Pink Acid)  - Plumped Up Lips - Lipstick Basics - Punkin Pie
Top: (DRIFT) Central Park Sweater
Pants: (Lolita) - Retro Jeans Indigo
Shoes: (REIGN)- Monroe Boots- Cocoa @ uber
Jewelry: (Miam Miam Jewelry) - Double Hoop Earring off Marketplace
Jewelry: (LUXE) - Dainty Ring Bracelet Gacha ULTRA RARE @ Sad November
Jewelry: (LUXE) - Dainty Ring-Mustache Gacha RARE @ Sad November
Purse: (Garbaggio) - Clear Bag - Orange @ Sad November

Sunday, November 2, 2014

He Thinks He's In Charge
Silly Boy....

Lamira's Wearing:
Hair: [Magika] Tonight
Collar & Cuffs: [FPI] Mistque Diamond Set - April Birthstone
Dress:[Rebel Hope] Lia Dress - Black @ The Liaison Collaborative Oct
Shoes: [Reign] Monroe Boots -Black @ Uber

"Think I give a damn,
Boy, you don't know who I am,
I ain't runnin around chasing no dude"

Broken Hearted Girl

You're the only one I wish I could forget
The only one I love to not forgive
And though you break my heart,
You're the only one

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Hands: (Slink)
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Bewitched Eyes - Amber @ Kustom9
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Hair: (sYs) SIRYNE Hair - Hello Tuesday Sale
Sweater: (Static) Skelly Sweater - Red
Pants: (Unbothered) - VintageFaded Jeans (Black)
Shoes: (FLite) -Outsiders - Studded Black Platform - Gacha RARE past event
Make- Up:(Glamorize) ~Eyeshadow ~ Rumours - Baby Pink
Jewelry: (Phoebe) Bangles ~Pink Skulls ~ off Marketplace
Jewelry: (REIGN)- Hello Hipster Necklace- Group Gift
Piercings: (Cute Poison) - Animus Piercings & Stellar Piercings
Backpack:(Mango Cheeks) Pudgies Backpack: Gacha Night @ The Season's Story past event
Nails: (Hello Dave) - Below the stairs - Gacha

In My Own Little World

Enjoying the moment on our little parcel. 

Lamira's Wearing:
Hair: [Eaters Coma] Hair 47 - Dark Blondes
Freckles: [Soonsiki] Odd Beauty Freckles
Top: [Bueno] Mishi Sweaters Striped - Candy @ Kustom 9 Oct
Pants: [Lolita] Retro Jeans - Blue Grey @ The Big Show Oct
Shoes: [Reign] Not Your Mama's Knit Boots (Group Gift Oct)

Reluctantly Calling It A Day
I always hate packing up and leaving at the end of a beautiful day in the studio.

Lamira's Wearing:
Hair:[Magika] Beans - Blondes
Freckles:[Soonsiki] Odd Beauty Freckles
Top: [Nya's] Tank Top - French
Pants:[Nya's] Denim Capris - Cream
Necklace:[Maxi Gossamer] Kara Wooden Bead Necklace
Ring:[Indyra]  Cerise Cluster Ring: Sherbert
Shoes:[Reign] Laced Ballet Flats - Camel
Bag:[Tee*fy] My Ugly Scary Cat Bag - Group Gift

Saturday, November 1, 2014

None Shall Pass

Here I am the keeper of the door and none shall pass.

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Bewitched Eyes - Amber @ Kustom9
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Make- Up (Buzzeri) -Sleepy Witch - Salem @ Cosmetic Fair Halloween Edition
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Essential Lipsticks - Red
Hair: (little bones) willow tree hair ombre - secret affair gacha
Dress: (Lolita) - Diabolique Dress Blood * Beauty Pageant Event
Jewelry: (aisling)  Tallulah - Arms Black - Gacha past event
Staff: (A.D.D.Andel) Spiral Mage Staff- Black Set-  Gacha RARE past event
Wings: (HolliPocket) - Flutter By Wings- Coal Gacha
Pose: (exposeur) - Top Model - Urban Love


I Don't Know Where I'm Headed, but I'm sure it will be fun!!!

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Bewitched Eyes - Amber @ Kustom9
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Hair: (TRUTH) - Thaila
Dress: (STORM CROW DESIGNS) Dita Dress @ Designers Circle
Shoes: (Bens Boutique) - Butterfly High Heel
Make- Up (Buzzeri) - Nyx Eyeshadow - Salem @ Cosmetic Fair Halloween Edition
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Glossy Pout Choco
Jewelry: (RYCA) - BRACELET- Fad Gold ~ Necklace - NJ Gold, ~ Earrings - Hoop Dym Gold
Jewelry: (Forever Famous) - F*U Rings Set (Gold)@ The Swag Fest 2
Purse: (Swallow)  HandBag fashion 1 - Gacha Past event
Stockings: (Enelya's Creations) -  Stocking kit1
Pose: (Bounce This Poses) - Jade