Friday, October 31, 2014

Slowly Drifting Away
Some doors never seem to open, even when we're holding the key.

"I wish I could make it easy,
 easy to love me,
love me.
But still I reach to find a way,
I'm looking for the right words to say,
I'm slowly drifting away."

Lamira's Wearing:
Hair:  [Eaters Coma] Hair 23
Full Outfit Includes Accessories: [AdN Designs] Devil Bat
Tats: [TAOX] Tibetan Lotus Essence
Tits: Lola Tango
Ass: Ghetto Booty

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over

Today was yet another year marked on the calendar... My Birthday.  Yet this year was much more special.  My beautiful sister, Lamira had the most wonderful surprise ever waiting for me when I logged on today.  She built me my very own cafe.  Words can't express how much I adore this cafe. 

My granny always says "My Cup Runneth Over" and I often wonder what she meant. 

 I am FULL
I Have More Than Enough!!!!

My friend, my sister, my road dog, my ace boon coon I love you for taking time out of your real life to create me such a special gift and I will cherish you forever.  I appreciate you and your friendship. Love you with all my heart sis.

I will post more picture of my beautiful cafe on our flickr.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Make Me Come Alive

Raw photos/No photo enhancing in Photoshop

Indigo's Wearing:

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (BUZZERI) Bewitched Eyes - Demon @ Kustom9
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Hair: (Exile)Royal Command@ Mystical Realm Event Oct
Make-Up: (BUZZERI) -  Sleepy Witch - Salem @ Cosmetic Fair Halloween edition
Make-Up (DeeTaleZ) Makeup BLACK Eyeliner B & BLACK Lips glitter @ Cosmetic Fair Halloween edition
Jewelry: (Modern.Couture) - Necklace & Earrings - Spiked Black
Piercings: (Cute Poison) - Animus Piercings & Stellar Piercings
Piercings : [AdN] SERPENTARD piercings Nose Studs
Outfit:[Remarkable Oblivion](Skirt,Bracers,Hat,Garter)Melancholy Gacha - Inferno - Thanks Sissy <3
Cami & Thong: (QE) - Seductive Lingerie- Blood
Stockings:(PerveTTe) - Corset Socks -Black
Shoes: (REIGN) - High Society Heels- Crimson

Lamira's Wearing:

Skin:[League] Erin - Medium (Opal)
Makeup:[Janis] Sweet Silver Beauty Box
Hair:[Tableau Vivant] Hallie Hair - Dip Dye @ Collabor88 Oct
Eyes:[Song] Miko - Abyss @ Kustom 9 Oct
Nails:[Hello Dave] High Gloss Mix 2
Corset:[DRBC] Secret Garden Corset- Noir@ Suicide Dolls (Oct-Round 1)
Panties:[Domino Fashions] Black Lace Panties
Outfit:[Remarkable Oblivion](Skirt,Bracers,Hat,Garter)Melancholy Gacha - Midnight
Shoes:[Reign] Elixir Boots - Black
Stockings:[LDP] Oops! Ripped Socks - Noir
Knee Tats:[UtopiaH] Painful Knees
Necklace:[TLB] Familiar Choker - Crow
Face Piercings:[Cobrahive] Despair
Face Piercings:[BND] Round Piercing
Face Piercings:[SuPerBia] Piercings Gift 2 ( Group Gift)
Windup Key:[Dirty Stories] Angel Dolls Key @ Mystical Realm Event Oct

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It calls for Wool of bat... poor Witchypoo

Fillet of a fenny snake,
    In the caldron boil and bake;
    Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
    Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
    Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
    Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,—
    For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
      Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble. 
William Shakespeare  

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (UMEBOSHI) TTS anniversary gift - Pumpkin Pie @ The Season Story Event
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Hair: (Spellbound) Velvet // Black White Dipdye - Tag Gacha
Hat: (Remarkable Oblivion) SpellBinder - Oracle RARE - Tag Gacha
Dress: (Tentacio) Clara witch dress lila - Tag Gacha
Shoes: (The Secret Store) - Juicy Spooky Heels - Kawaii Bat - Tag Gacha
Jewelry: (Tentacio) Clara witch necklace - Tag Gacha

All items in the picture are from the Tag Gacha Hunt with the exception of the table and the cauldron.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Did You Hear That?
Since Halloween is getting closer, I decided it would be lots of fun to go out on a spooky, ghost hunt. Indy is sleeping, so I took along my adorable puppy, Spike. I was uber excited and ready to snap a picture of anything ghoulish that Spike and I stumbled upon. Sadly tho, we didn't manage to see a single scary thing. Maybe next year Spike! D:

Lamira's Attire:
Skin: [League] Erin - Medium (Feline)
Freckles: [Soonsiki/Milk] Odd Beauty Freckles 
Eyes: [Song] Miko - Abyss @ Kustom 9 Oct
Hair: [Tableau Vivant] Hallie - Dip Dye @ Collabor88 Oct
Dress: [The Secret Store] Anita Empire Dress - Purple Fog @ Collabor88 Oct
Shoes: [BOOM] Norma Heels - Purple @ Collabor88 Oct
Socks: [The Sugar Garden] Frilly Lace Socks
Ring: [JCNY] Lotus Mood Ring $10L MP
Camera: [DooDads] Camera $1L MP
Puppy: [Alchemy/Birdy] – Chi Chi Chihuahua - Spike Black @ Chapter 4 Aug

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Such A Good Girl

Outside with Sassy enjoying the last few warm days before winter sets in.  She is always there with me ready to play and explore.  She's such a good girl.....
                                                                  XOXOX Indigo

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Bewitched Eyes - Amber @ Kustom9
Hair: (Magika) - Beans
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Dress: (JesyDream) Retro Style Dress Plaid @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room
Shoes: (REIGN).- Lilly Flats- Black
Jewelry: (Zenith) - Callas Flowers Pearl Necklace & Ring (Left hand)
Jewelry: (HolliPocket) - Heart Me Rang- Cherry - Gacha
Bone: (SugaNova) -  Doggy Biscuit ~ Off Marketplace - FREE
Pose: (Bounce This Poses) - Destiny

Breast Cancer Is A Real Issue - Touch Those Tatas!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Do you pay as much attention to your real life breasts as you do your Lola's in Second Life? It only takes a few minutes to do a simple self exam or hey if your a caring person you can always volunteer to exam someone else ;) touch those tatas people!!! 
Go with your tatas!! Do it!! Do it!! 

For More Info:
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Ooooooh, My Sister!

Stay calm and always have your sista on your arm! 

(Credits to what we are wearing can be found in previous posts.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Taken Away -The Season Story 1yr. Anniversary

Walking around The Seasons Story 1 year Anniversary event taking in all the sights. I have to tell you, I truly adore this event.  Not only does it bring some of the hottest and greatest designers in SL to one place, but the event designer OMG.... Love the venue.  I find myself after shopping, just roaming around getting engrossed by it all.  This is one event I always mark the calendar and look forward to the next one.  So I can be.... Taken Away
xoxox Indigo

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Rumpshaker:(BANNED) FitMesh Booty
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Bewitched Eyes - Amber @ Kustom9
Hair: (ICONIC) -DENEUVE-DARK-OMBRES @ VIntage & Cool Fair
Lashes: (Mon Cheri)Falsies Eyelash
Make-Up: (Buzzeri) -  Nyx Eyeshadow - Valentine @ Cosmetic Fair Halloween Edition
Make-Up: (Pink Acid)  - Plumped Up Lips - Lipstick Basics - Ebony Naturals
Top: (Beautiful Dirty Rich)-Halter Top Pack
Pants: (Enelya's Creations) - Jess Remix Black
Jacket &  Corset: (Sassy) Selene LE Jacket - black @ Past Project Limited Event
Designer may still have some items left in their stores from this event
Shoes: [CO57] Aventura Bootie NIGHTLIFE @ Collabor88 Past Event
Jewelry: (American Beauty) -Earrings Coated Perfume Bottle-Black @ The Gacha Mania - September
Jewelry: (Forever Famous) - F*U Rings Set (Gold)@ The Swag Fest 2
Piercings: (Cute Poison) - Animus Piercings, Stellar Piercings & Aperient Piercings
Jewelry:  (22769) - Cubic Necklace - gold @ L’accessoires at La Metallique Fair - August
Purse: (Zenith) - Saladbag Black - Gacha @ The Season's Story 1 yr Anniversary Event
Pose:(Exposeur) - Urban Love

Cowgirl Up for Halloween

Indigo's Links
Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana 
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Rumpshaker:(BANNED) FitMesh Booty 
Hands & Feet: (Slink
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Bewitched Eyes - Amber
Hair: (ARGRACE) - Cowboy Hat / MINAMI
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Outfit: (PerveTTe) The Outlaw - Black - Top, Bottoms, & Wheat Straw @ Past Wild West Fair
Oufit: (CoCoches) Sexy Coyote Black - Jacket and Chaps
Shoes:(Dita's) Ribbon Boot :CooCoo Chanel Edition 1.0
Jewelry: (Izzie's) Aarya Bracelet (TDRF)Bracelet Right 
(Maxi Gossamer) - Earrings -Bracelets Left - Tarifa - V1
Hip Chain -(Maxis  Gossamer) - Babette - Turquoise and Silver
Guns: (Obscure) -Assasins Holster (Silver)  @ Past * fri*day
Poses:(SomethingNew) ~ Cowgirl 3 Gacha @ Past Wild West Fair

Lamira's Links:
Skin: (Al Vulo) Mimi -Sunkissed
Hands:  (Slink)
Hair: (Eaters Coma) Hair 23 - Sandy Blonde
Lipstick: (Amacci) Jenny (Nutmeg) Lip Tattoo 7
Eyes: (IKON) Vanity Eyes - Denim
Tats:(TAOX) Tibetan Lotus Essence
Outfit: (MOoH) Buckled top with belted shorts- Tan 
Shoes: (Reign) Moccasin Boots
Hat: (Riders) Staw Cowboy Hat *Free*
Ciggie: (Virtual/Insanity) - Lucy Stroke Ciggie Got 7 Gacha @ District 5
Necklace: (Kosh) Multiplex Necklace $1
Bracelet R: (Kosh) Multiplex Bracelet $1
Bracelet L: (Mandala) Siten Noah Simple Bracelet
Earrings: (Kosh) Selva Oscura Earrings $1

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Maxed Out
[Click photo to see larger view]
I hate changing skins. It's just a thing with me. I've worn the same skin for over a year and used the same skin creator for over 2 yrs. But, it's time for a change! So, after much browsing and demo testing, I picked a skin from League and I am in love with it! New skin and a new outfit from I'm maxed out and it's time to go home. -sigh-
xoxo~ Lamira

Lamira's Wearing:
Skin: [League] Erin - Medium Skin Tone (Opal Makeup Option- Slink Hand & Feet Appliers)
Moles: [Oh Liv!] Face moles
Lipstick: [Pink Fuel] Glossy Pout 
Nails: [Hello Dave] High Gloss Mix 2
Hair: [little bones] Seafoam - Ombres & Roots
Outfit: [Indyra] Nicolette
(Comes with Dress,Necklace, Clutch- Dress Has 8 Color Options Included)
Shoes: [Reign] Allure Heels
Bracelets: [Ryca] Fad S Gold
Location: Indyra's Mainstore Sim

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Vintage Vixen

I was finally able to get to the Vintage and Cool Fair and OMG was it awesome.  So many fashionably vintage items I was in heaven.  I loved working on this post, not only because of the event but pulling together the accessories I got a change to visit a couple of my favorite vintage designers Knockers & Artilleri.  

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: [BUZZERI] Bewitched Eyes - Amber
Hair: (KnocKeRs) - Mustang Sally Hair
Lashes: (Pink Acid)  Eyelashes Mega 5 Pack - Long Diva
Make-Up: (Glamorize) -  Rumours Eye Makeup Black
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Essential Lipsticks- Red Metallic
Outfit: (Mon Cheri) - Vintage Dress Louise @ The Vintage & Cool Fair
Jacket: (MODA) - ) KAMI OUTFIT Jacket - NAVY @ past District 5 event
Shoes: (MODA) KAMI OUTFIT Shoes - NAVY @ past District 5 event
Glasses: (Mon Cheri) - Vintage Betty Eyewear Red @ The Vintage & Cool Fair
Jewelry: (KnocKeRs) Earrings - Vegas HotRod Hoop Earrings - Group Gift
Jewelry: (Cute Poison) - Ring- Lovely Bones Red @ Sucide Dollz Event
Jewelry: (Miam Miam) - Bangles - off the MP
Jewelry:  (HAYSURIZA) Necklace - Neck Ribbon - free off MP
Flask: (FLite).- Ravens Tavern Flask- Viva La Vida - Gacha @ The Secret Affair Event <3 Ty Sissy
Tattoo: (Letis Tattoo) -  Rigel Princess - Chest
Tattoo: (adored) - put a ring on it sweetie tattoo no. 5 gacha @ The Candy Fair
Pose: (Diesel Work) - Sept Gift 1 - Free gift @ Eloquence

My comfort zone

I'm a casual kind of girl. I like simple things that feel good, look cute, and make me feel warm and comfy inside. When coldLogic came out with their new fall line a few weeks back, I knew I had to have this dress!! And tonight, I finally found time to add some recently purchased accessories with it and snap a pic at Indigo's new coffee and sweet shop. Oh, btw...the shoes are from an adorable store called S@bbia for only $100L! They aren't compatible with mesh feet (or at least not Slink) but with shoes this adorable, I'm okay with flashing my old system cankles from time to time :P ~ xoxox Lamira

Lamira's wearing:
Hair: [Wasabi Pills] Roberta - Cinnamon @ FaMeshed (Oct)
Eyes: [Buzzeri] Fairie Eyes - Sapphire
Lipstick: [Pink Acid] Lip Stain - Tangerine @ fi*Friday
Freckles: [Soonsiki/Milk] Odd Beauty Freckles
Dress: [coldLogic] Moray - Honey
Bag: [Shey] Anabel Bag Vintage Set - Bolca Bag (Set includes 3 bags)
Shoes: [S@bbia] Strap Pumps - Blue
Nails:[Hey Dave] High Gloss Mixed 2
IceCream: [Imeka] Delicious Ice Cream 03 Gacha @ The Seasons Story (July)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall's Glory

Enjoying Fall's Glory Thanks Sis for all your help.  Love you long time :)

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breastss
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (ANGELICA) - Pheromone
Hair: (Magika)  Harmony
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Make-Up: (KoKoLoReS) ~Eyeshadow ~ Glittery Mesh Eyeliner
Make-Up: (Glamorize) ~Eyeshadow ~  Dotty Eye Makeup
Make-Up: (Glam Affair) ~ Eyeliner~ Couture eyeliner no.03
Outfit: (Graffitiwear)  Ruffled Blouse  Rose ~ The Boho Culture Fair 2014
Outfit: (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Tomorrow is unknown Brown @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014
Shoes: (Diamante)  Willow @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014
Jewelry: (Gypsy Chic) Bracelet - Cross Flower Peach - Gacha  @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014
Jewelry: (Moon Amore) Hippieband  - Psychedelik - Gacha @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014
Jewelry: (Fetch) Ring Lolli @ Jewelry Fair 2014
Jewelry : (Yummy) Princess Ring @ The Arcade - September
Bag: (MIMOSA) Emhy Bag - PINK - Gacha @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014
Butterflies: (SpellWorks) - Butterflies RARE Gacha @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014
Nails: (LB Bollywood) - La Boheme - free gift @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Getting Ready

Getting ready for the Vintage and Cool Fair... Lots of great finds to be had see you all there :)

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Rumpshaker:(BANNED) FitMesh Booty
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (ANGELICA)  ~ Pheromone
Hair: (AD) - qake
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Make-Up: (Glamorize) ~Eyeshadow ~ Rumours - Black
Make-Up: (adored) ~Eyeshadow ~ night cat eyeshadow nude
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Glossy Pout Nude Pink
Make-Up: (Glam Affair) ~ Eyeliner~ Couture eyeliner no.03
Outfit: (Dirty Princess)  Demure Courure Princess
Shoes: (ColdAmbitionz) - Emily Platforms Noir @ past fi*Fridays
Jewelry: (Maxi Gossamer) - Black Pearl Set ~ Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet
Jewelry: (Lazuri) - Ring ~ Classic Pearls ~ off Marketplace Free Gift
Bag: (Luxe) - Mustache Clutch~ Nude  Past Gacha  Event

Taking a new path.

 Visit MSC's Flickr Page

It's been a long week. 
I need a time out. 
I need a vacation.
I need to take a new path...

Lamira is Wearing:
Hair: [Truth] Vixen - Blondes @ Uber Oct
Eyes: [Ikon] Hope - Denim *New*
Nails: [Hello Dave] High Gloss Mixed 2
Top: [Lilicious] Warm Hug Bordeaux - Red @ Black Dot Project Oct
Pants: [Shey] Kelly Skinny Capri @ Young Spirit Event  Till Oct 12th
Necklace: [Maxi Gossamer] Kara Wooden Bead Necklace  
Shoes: [L Warwick] High Platform Wedge - Crimson @ Fifty Linden Friday Sale 
Purse: [Zenith] Vintage Leather Handbag Gacha - Red Wood @ The Arcade Sept
Pose: [oOo Studio] Walk About 6 @ Candy Fair 2014 Oct

Location: My Sister's Closet Sim (Opening Soon)

Side Note -- I had a small issue with the capri pants from Shey when I went to try them on. I was confused about the textures I had chosen when I purchased the pants and I needed help. I contacted the owner Cuba Avedon and I was VERY impressed. He replied within just a few hours,explained exactly how to fix my issue, and was very courteous!  I will definitely be shopping more at Shey because of the excellent customer service I received! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tonight He's Coming With Me

Going in alone, but tonight he's coming with me.  You know that determination you get when you find the one... well the one for that night anyway ROFL

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Rumpshaker:(BANNED) FitMesh Booty
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (ANGELICA)  Triendl Eyes Peacock
Hair: (pr!tty) - Sophia @ The Chapter Four
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Make-Up: (Glamorize) ~Eyeshadow ~ Rumours - Black
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Glossy Pout Dark Lime
Outfit: (Razor)  Lolita Dress - Faith - Single Color - Vio/Ooze
Outfit: (ARISE) Vee String / Purple @ fi*Fridays - August Event
Shoes: (Scene)  Iridan Heels V1.0 w/Powerhud @ Suicide Dollz
Piercings: (Cute Poison) - Animus Piercings & Stellar Piercings
Jewelry: (RYCA) - Bracelet  Skull -CB Silver
Jewelry: (aisling) - Papillon Mimic Earrings @ Jewelry Fair - September Event
Jewelry: (aisling) - Tallulah - Tighs Black @ The Secret Affair - July Event~ Gacha
Jewelry: (22769) - Ammunition Necklace - silver @ L’accessoires at La Metallique Fair - August Event
Jewelry: (Reign) - Chamber Rings- Lunar (BLACK) @ The Secret Affair - September Event - Gacha
Bag: (ELSKA) - Cat Lady Bag-Black/White  Gacha - RARE
Poses:(Le Poppycock)- Die a little @ The Chapter Four

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sometimes It's That Simple
[Click image to go to our flickr page]

Been working super hard with Indigo to update our land and it's nearly finished! But, OMG I've been running around in the same jeans and shirt for about a week so it was time to find a new outfit!! Unfortunately, ....I blew most of my lindens on landscaping...sooo...I had to hustle ;) 
Total cost of this outfit $110 L!!! xoxo~ Lamira

Hair: [Little Bones] Feline (Group Gift September) <3 love it!
Dress: [Mirage] Afrika Dress - White Zebra ($60L) @ $60 Weekend Sale
Earrings: [Pure Poison] Gaby Earrings (Free Group Gift)
Clutch: [Indyra] Snakeskin Clutch - Noir ($50L) @ Hello Tuesday Sale
Shoes: [Reign] Alexxis Heels (Group Gift September)