Friday, January 29, 2016

Champagne & Desserts

OOh honey I was browsing Flickr the other day and came across the Chicest little garment by Indented and it's available at Ferosh Fashion Week. I paired it with these cute shorts by B BOS, More Shorts.  Then I ran over to Lost and Found and played the gacha for this ooh so girly purse, Mia by  C'est la vie!.

Hair: Magika ~ Drive ~ Thank you Lorelai
Eyes: Ikon ~ Sovereign Eyes
Top: Indented ~ Mock ~ Grey @ Ferosh Fashion Week
Shorts: B BOS ~ More Shorts ~ Jean Blue
Shoes: Moda ~ Osanna Etched Pumps ~ Gift from my sister Lamira xoxo
Necklace & Earrings: MANDALA ~ Prophecy ~ Midnight
Ring: Kibitz ~ Rosie rings - silver
Purse: C'est la vie! ~ Mia ~ gacha @ Lost and Found
Pose:(Nomore) ~ I'm a Brat @ SaNaRae

Thursday, January 28, 2016


New stylishly sleek hair by Virtual Diva, Loreil softly envelopes and frames your face in flowing layers. This hair is a part of the Autumn Winter collection and is available at her store. 

Hair: (Virtual Diva) ~ Loreil
Pose: (Virtual Diva) ~ Veil

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Late resolutions

Well, my resolution to post more hasn't worked out so well. But, at least I got 1 in during January ;) Nothing fancy, just playing with some new windlight settings. And trying to get my land ready for spring.

Anywho, I love fashion and I always want the newest and latest of everything, but I don't like HUGE changes. For example, I've wanted a mesh head forever but every time I tried one on, I would find an excuse not to buy it. It wasn't the cost or any real reason other than I didn't feel like I would be me, anymore. Well, Indy got one and I seen just how flawless her makeup was in her photos I am with my new head and I LOVE IT!! I'd totally jump off a bridge with her...btw.

I have a couple RL things to get together than you are going to see some more really HUGE changes from me. I'm super excited. I've been working really hard and I hope all of my work pays stay tuned!!

Oh and keep following and fav'ing my sister Indigo's posts because she is doing one hell of a job, do ya think!!!  xoxo- Lamira

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I just truly adore vintage fashion styles and while cleaning out my inventory I found this little treasure tucked away in my gacha folder.  I almost cried as memory of how much I wanted this dress came back to me and I was so heartbroken that I could ever forget this beauty.  Well on the bright side it's vintage so it will always be in style, rofl so with that said I perked up and continued opening up my bags from last year.  An English Afternoon, is the set made by Erratic and it was from March's round of the Arcade.  This dress was one of the rare pieces but the entire set was lovely. containing several pieces for a complete garden tea time with your best ladies.  Well since it's winter and I missed spring tea time, I figured I'd just go to a jazz spot.

Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Hair: (little bones) ~ Fame
Dress, Hat. Necklace, Earrings: (erratic) ~ An English Afternoon ~ Past gacha
Shoes: (Chic Chica) ~ Cinderella @ The Fantasy Collective
Ciggie: (Kunst) Cigarette & Holder
Necklace: (Zenith) ~ Vintage pearl necklace with key ~ past gacha
Pose:(Nomore) ~ I'm a Brat @ SaNaRae

Monday, January 25, 2016


Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Hair: (eXxEsS): Cicha
Dress: (B BOS) ~ Avva ~ Bone
Shoes: (Glamistry) ~ Parrasana
Necklace: (Kibitz) ~ Carlotte
Ring: (Shakeup) ~Vintage Ring 20 Gacha 
Purse: (C'est la vie!) ~ Mylene Ruffle Bag
Nails: (Deesses Boutique) ~ Nude Edition Nails
Tattoo: (What2Wear) ~Tattoo W2W.35
Tulips: (May's Soul) ~ Rain Day ~ Tulips ~ gacha rare @ The Seasons Story

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Virtual Diva is turning the heat up at this month's current event at  The Instruments. Soltice Exlusive is an elaborate couture gown wrapped in velvety hues of boysenberry, sangria, and eggplant.  This gown is also available in other colors.

Hair: (Lamb) ~ Dust Bunnies ~ past gacha
 Dress: (Virtual Diva) ~ Soltice @ The Instruments
Jewelry: (Modern Couture) ~ Dami ~ Purple Cosmopolitan 
Pose: (Luxury/Poses) ~ Isis

Friday, January 22, 2016

Je t'aime

I'm featuring a new skin today by BoDyFoRm, the Rosalie.  This item is available on the marketplace, it's basically geared toward the Eve body for the shapes, but can be worn on standard avatars as well as several mesh bodies. Since I don't own the Eve body I'm wearing this loving skin over my Maitreya body, with a gift shape, Leigh by The Skinnery.  There are many options with this new package make sure to grab your new skin by BoDyFoRm.  Now on to this cute dress by zOOm, called the Lacey dress and it's being offered at this round MaMy Event.  Don't miss out on the great fashion buys, visit before the events on the January 30th.

Skin:(BoDyFoRm) ~ Rosalie
Hair: (Iconic) ~ Revel
Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Charm Eyes
Dress: (zOOm)  ~ Lacey Dress w/Hud change textures MaMy Event
Shoes: (Diva's Inc.) ~ Zoie High Heel ~ Black ~ also on Marketplace
Necklace: (Kibitz) ~ MSG ~ Jet'aime ~ gacha @ OMGacha
Necklace: (Kibitz) ~ Heart Lock ~ past gacha
Ring: (Kibitz) ~ Clemencia ring set ~ gold
Bag: (OVH) ~ Greta Bag ~ Black
Bracelet: (BOOM)~  Rescued Metal Bracelet ~ (March/Aquarmarine) ~ past gacha
Poses: (Posel) ~ Pose in a box @ The Dressing Room

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Leisure Time

Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Hair: (Wasabi Pills) ~ Juliana @ The Seasons Story
Top: (FineRain Creations) ~ Robin MaMy Event
Pants: (FineRain Creations) ~  Katia MaMy Event
Shoes: (Chic Chica) ~ Dita @ Cosmopolitan
Necklaces: (Kunglers) ~ Mariri - Gold & Pink
Ring: (Maxi Gossamer) ~  Duchess dazzle Jewel
Ring: (Kibitz) ~ Clitch ring - smoke silver ~ past gacha
Bag: (R.icielli) ~ Birkin Bag~  (Group Gift) / Pink Crocodile
Bracelet: (BOOM)~  Rescued Metal Bracelet ~ (October/Pink Tourmaline) ~ past gacha
Poses: (Overlow Poses) ~ Pack Gift 3

Monday, January 18, 2016

What Part Of No Don't You Understand

Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Hair: (Exile) ~ Sugar and Spice: ~ Sugar ~ past gacha
Top: (B BOS) ~ Sugu Top ~ No White
Skirt: (RudeCats) ~ Loud Skirt MaMy Event
Shoes: (Diva's Inc.) ~ Cheryl Mid Platform ~ Black ~ also on Marketplace
Stockings: (Forever Young) ~ Strapped Stockings
Bracelet: (LUXE) ~ Chevron & Starfish ~ past gacha
Necklaces: (Kibitz) ~ choker chain & open heart ~ past gacha
Ring: (Kibitz) ~ Rosie rings - silver
Backpack: (abrasive) ~ Quirky Doodle Heart Backpack ~ No ~ past gacha
Phone:(Ninety) ~ Mylove ~ Blue ~ past gacha
Poses: (Overlow Poses) ~ Pack Gift 5

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Send My Love

Hair: (TRUTH HAIR) ~ Kasimire ~ gacha @ The Epiphany
Outfit: (Pixicat) ~ Siren.Set nr1 ~ White ~ gacha @ The Epiphany
Shoes: (Glamistry) ~ Crocus ~ Power Buy Going on ~ See Details below
Nails: (Gorgeous Dolls) ~ Chic Macabre ~ Claw Ed. ~ Gift
Stockings:(Avanti) ~ WCF4 Gift Stockings ~ White (Applier HUD) ~ previous event
Necklace: (Pink Acid) ~ The Queen's Necklace ~ Pearls And Gold  gacha @ The Epiphany
Poses: (oOo Studio) ~ Boudoir15

Shoe Deal - Don't miss out on adding new color options to your hud. Please use the Promo code PWGXMX when ordering this month's deal.

Purchase any single color for Crocus heels and receive 3 more colors absolutely for FREE!

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase any single color for Crocus heels. Be it marketplace, mainstore or your Crocus's HUD - doesn't matter, all will do.

2. Open and use the following promo code: PWGXMX

3. System will randomly choose 3 colors which you do not own yet and will add them to your HUD for FREE!

Offer ends in Jan 24th 11:59PM SLT!

Inworld store:


Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush 
Celtic Love Seat ~ Rare Gacha
Love Letters
 Paris Love
 Rose Petals
 Candy Box (open)
Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Nightstand
Ariskea ~ Petite Paris ~ Oh lala Frame
(fd) Art Magazines
Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain 
Candy crunchers - Pretty Room - Wall Art
Apple Fall Roses Jug
Zenith ~ Bird cage with flowers
tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Brassiere
 zerkalo Beginning of the Day - Rug - Rose
 zerkalo Dreamers corner - Tent

Friday, January 15, 2016

No Worries

You know how you find that perfect hair, then you find that perfect outfit, but they don't work together.  The hair is clipping through the shirt or the shirt is too big around the hair.  Thanks to these awesome creators you don't have to worry about your hair not working with the outfit.  Iconic and Hucci collaborated on a this ooh so sexy hair Russina and this stylishly hip top Ouani.  They are sold as separate pieces designed to work together, you can also mix and match with other items in your wardrobe. They also brought us this new pose set, all items are available at the Mesh Body Addicts.

Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Hair: (Iconic) ~ Russina Mesh Body Addicts 
Top: (Hucci) ~ Ouani ~ Green Mesh Body Addicts 
Pants: (B BOS) ~ Any Sweat Pants ~ White
Shoes: (BLK2.0) ~ Wassup Gacha ~ Rare White1986
Necklace: (RYCA) ~ Gift Necklace MP3
Rings: (Real Evil Industries) ~ Ice Queen Rings @ The Seasons Story 
Piercing: (Cute Poison) - Aperient  & Stellar Piercings
Bag: (Revolver) ~ Halo Bag ~ Lime
Tattoo: (What2Wear) ~Tattoo W2W.0.6
Poses: (Iconic/Hucci) ~ Iconic:Hucci Poses @ Mesh Body Addicts 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tonight We Dance

Love is in the air and Virtual Diva has stepped it up a bit for you with this new Couple Outfit Pack.  You heard me, it's a couples outfit.  No more dragging your man around the grid looking for a complimentary outfit, she has thought of it all with this latest outfit.  You can find the Vita Mia Couple Pack at the current round at the Swank Event.  But it doesn't stop there, she also created a fabulous set of poses called Ole and they can be found at the main store.  So be sure to check these poses out as they will definitely add a little spice to your pictures.

Hair: (booN) ~ WMO003
 Outfits: (Virtual Diva) ~Vita Mia Couple Pack  @ Swank Event
(Female ~ Classic Avatars/ Male is mesh)
      Eyelashes: (Oceane Body Design) ~ Fun Feather Mesh Lashes 14 ~ Gacha Ultra Rare 
Pose: (Virtual Diva) ~ OLE Pose Fatpack Special ~ Pose 3

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Sledding I Shall Go

Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Hair: (Phoenix) ~ Emelie Hair ~ gacha @ OMGacha
Outfit: (B BOS) ~ Lala Outfit ~ White
Pants: (B BOS) ~ Moon  ~ Blue
Nails: (ZOZ) ~ Iced Metals
Earmuffs: (Cila) ~ Panda Earmuff ~ past gacha event
Scarf: (Tentacio) ~ Downtown visit ~ Blue ~ past gacha event
Boots: (Tentacio) ~ Is snowing Boots ~ Blue ~ gacha @ The Seasons Story
Poses: (Posel) ~ Model Posepack 1 @ The Dressing Room

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Garden

In this garden, a flower takes roots, cultivates and blooms before you.  My dear friend Breezy gave me a gift of a new identity, as she says, be another you.  Thank you so much my fashion sista.

Now let's get down to the business of this post.  Today's flower is dawning a new glorious crown made by no other, than the Goddess herself, Neveah.  This beautiful hair is called Tyra and is being offered at the On9 event that starts today.

 I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.” 

Not wanting to piss God off, I decided on this lovely shade of purple for my jumpsuit by Pixicat at the current round of uber.  It's offered in 11 lovely shades and I'm sure you will find your favorite. I really like the edgy cut on the bodice, the sleek pleated front and the tapered legs on this jumpsuit.

Keeping with the flowering theme, I grabbed the stylishly sexy pumps Crocus by Glamistry Heels and they are also this months promo deal special.  See below for the promo deal details and be sure to use the promo code PWGXMX when purchasing your heels.

Purchase any single color for Crocus heels and receive 3 more colors absolutely for FREE!

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase any single color for Crocus heels. Be it marketplace, mainstore or your Crocus's HUD - doesn't matter, all will do.

2. Open and use the following promo code: PWGXMX

3. System will randomly choose 3 colors which you do not own yet and will add them to your HUD for FREE!

Offer ends in Jan 24th 11:59PM SLT!

Inworld store:


Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Hair: (Iconic) ~ Tyra On9
Head: (LeLutka) ~ Mesh Head Karin
Skin: (Meghindo's) ~ Violet ~ Lelutka Face Applier
Jumpsuit: (Pixicat) ~ Chic Jumpsuit ~ Plum @ uber  (Thank you Lorelai)
Shoes: (Glamistry) ~ Crocus
Bracelet: (RYCA) ~ Cuff Bangle CDM ~ Gold
Ring: (Kibitz) ~ Maya ring set ~ Gold
Necklace: (Kibitz) ~ Carlotte ~ Gold @ The Dressing Room
Nails: (Deesses Boutique) ~ Nude Edition nails ~ @ The Dressing Room
Pose: (Le Poppycock) ~ Pain Killer B @ The Chapter 4

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Make 'em Melt

Make em melt in this ooh so saucy little number from BodyForm.  Aina is a two piece lingerie set sure to leave them in a puddle on the floor.  The high waist high brief cut accentuates the thighs and derriere.   Aina comes in this lovely shade of fuchsia and has a scalloped edge on the top and bottom.

Hair: Hair: (Milana) ~ Mint 
 Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Lingerie: (BoDyFoRm) ~ Aina ~ Fuchsia
Lipstick: Lipstick (SlackGirl) ~ CityLights Lips 
Tattoo: (What2Wear) ~Tattoo W2W.34
Poses Pose:(Purple Poses)~ Gypsy

Monday, January 4, 2016

Good As New

My lovely sister probably pried this amazingly awesome vintage set by Zenith, from some poor soul's hand and gave it me as the most superb Christmas gift ever.  I know I'm drooling here, but this outfit screams my name and I was in tears when I didn't win it myself from the gacha machine.  With my head hung low and my tail tucked, I slinked away from the machine while I still had a few lindens to my name.  I had given up on such a beauty of a prize and just told myself maybe I'd get it later.  Well my sister Lamira, knew even though I played it off as nothing that I hadn't won this outfit, she knew deep in my soul I wanted this outfit. Thank you so very much sissy, this gift made my year and I will be wearing it for a year rofl.

Gacha for this outfit can be found at The Shiny Shabby

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter's Chill

Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Hair/Headband: (pr!tty) ~ Selena /Fancy Kitty ~ Headband 11 ~ past gacha
Top: (Tediore) ~ YohDoh Cropped ~ Yellow
Jeans: (Tediore) ~ My Basic Jeans
Jacket: (COCO) ~ Jacket Over Shoulders ~Black
Shoes: (Glamistry) ~ Anthurium 
Eye Shadow: (nova) ~Layla Eye shadow
Bracelet: (MINIMAL) ~ Bracelet  *2* ~ Silver~Gacha Rare ~ past event
Ring: (Kibitz) ~ Rosie rings - silver
Necklace: (Kibitz) ~ Variety necklace & Empty Heart Necklace ~ Silver
Bag: (Mutresse) ~ Mona Bag 
Tattoo: (What2Wear) ~Tattoo W2W.34
Coffee: (FLite) ~ Kick Start Coffee/Doodle ~ gacha ~ past event
Pose: (bang poses) ~ Pose 359