Monday, January 4, 2016

Good As New

My lovely sister probably pried this amazingly awesome vintage set by Zenith, from some poor soul's hand and gave it me as the most superb Christmas gift ever.  I know I'm drooling here, but this outfit screams my name and I was in tears when I didn't win it myself from the gacha machine.  With my head hung low and my tail tucked, I slinked away from the machine while I still had a few lindens to my name.  I had given up on such a beauty of a prize and just told myself maybe I'd get it later.  Well my sister Lamira, knew even though I played it off as nothing that I hadn't won this outfit, she knew deep in my soul I wanted this outfit. Thank you so very much sissy, this gift made my year and I will be wearing it for a year rofl.

Gacha for this outfit can be found at The Shiny Shabby

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