Tuesday, September 30, 2014

School Daze

Out exploring and came across this awesome RP School Hampton Heights Academy High School.  Mrs. Hampton so graciously allowed us use of the facilities... outside of regular school time. However, we decide to sneak out of school and grab a latte... rofl.  This place is truly amazing and emerged in what role playing represents.  If you are ever in a nostalgic mood and wish to revisit your youth, I'd say this place is a perfect start.

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (Cherry Bombs) Fitted Mesh Breasts - Awesome gift giveaway from Cherry Hotaling -Thank You very much :)
Rumpshaker:(BANNED) Fit Mesh Booty
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (ANGELICA)  Triendl Eyes Peacock
Hair: (Spellbound) - Junko + Bear Clips White
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Make-Up: (NOX) ~Eyeshadow ~ Shock Shadow Smokey
Make-Up: (Pink Fuel) ~Lipstick~  Glossy Pout Berry Smoothie
Nails: (PixelGeek) - Panda tip nails - Rose
Outfit: (Biddy) Baseball Tee Red @ Young Spirit The Event
Shoes:(FAUN) Platform Play Verse - Red @ The Chapter Four - September
Socks: (MUKA)~ Thigh Socks Black @ The Big Show
Jewelry: (Phoebe) Bangles ~Pink Skulls ~ off Marketplace
Jewelry: (Bowtique)  Earrings & Right Ring Strawberry Shortcake Jewelry set off Marketplace
Jelwery: (Spellbound) Fckn Cute White & Pink - Gacha
Jewelry: (PixelGeek) - Leg heart chain
Jewelry: (HolliPocket) Heart me Rang Cherry ~ Gacha
Jewelry: (cheeky) ~ Belly Chain - Black @ The Jewelry Fair -September
Bag: (Zenith) Back to School Bag - Black @ Creation.jp
Backpack: (Miseria) Bearnotes Backpack - Smarty Pants @ No21 Event ~ Gacha
Phone:(tsg) Keitai Flip Phone - Beary-san Black~ Gacha past event
Poses:(Verocity) Natasha 4@ OMG Room

Skin: [Al Vulo] Mimi - Sunkissed
Hair: [Truth] Lauren - Night
Eyes: [IKON] Vanity Eyes - Denim
Lipstick: [Pink Fuel] Glossy Pout
Makeup: [Modish] Nica Vogue Eyeshadows
Moles: [Oh! Liv] Facemoles
Freckles: [Pink Acid] Freckles Faces Make-up Pack
Nails: [Crebain] Cute Candy
Top and Waist Shirt: [Amitomo] Long T-Shirt & Waist Shirt @ The Chapter 4 Sept
Shoes: [Flite] Malibu Lows Gacha - White @ Seasons Story July
Socks: [UtopiaH] My Attitude Rocker Socks - Oat
Bag: [Geek] Back To Calculus Bag
Backpack: [Miseria] Bearnotes Backpack Gacha - Happy Face @ No.21
Watch: [Mandala] Billionaire
Bracelet: [Izzie] Hair Tie Bracelet
Necklace: [Izzie] Camera Necklace Gatcha - Gold Wood
Phone: [Blush] My Candy Cellphone Gatcha - yellow @ Young Spirit The Event Sept

Saturday, September 27, 2014

...And then we laughed

This weekend is my RL birthday and when I logged onto SL Thursday night, I was greeted by my dear sis Indigo and the most wonderful surprise EVERR!! She had decorated our land for my birthday and had set up balloons, cake, champagne, and birthday gifts all for me!!! What makes this occasion even more special is the fact that this weekend is also a very important time in Indigo's RL. She had to be up VERY early Friday and had VERY important plans of her own for the entire weekend.......yet she waited up till nearly midnight (I had to work late >.<) and put together all these amazing festivities just to be able to celebrate my birthday with me!!! 

I cried, we hugged, we drank, and then we laughed!!! 

You know, getting older can be hard to deal with. -sigh- We tend to think about all the things we don't have, things we haven't done, and things we will never get to do...but looking at my life I have to say that I am very fortunate. I have my health, I have my daughter, I have my soul mate and I have my best friend/sister Indigo. True...I may not have a lot of things....but I have people in my life that make me feel loved, who make me laugh, and who are always there to remind me that I am not alone.

I will luv u foreva and eva Sissy! <3

~xoxoxo Lamira

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stepping Out

Stepping out on a Friday night with the girls.  Going to grab a few cocktails and unwind from the week. 

Indigo's Links
Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Rumpshaker:(BANNED) FitMesh Booty
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (IKON)  Ardent Eyes - Leather
Hair: (TRUTH) -Erika Black
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Make-Up: (Glamorize) ~Eyeshadow ~ Innocent Eye
Make-Up: (Glam Affair) ~Eyeliner~  Couture Eyeliner
Outfit: (PerveTTe) Graceful Dress Violet @ Lubbly Jubblies
Shoes:(REIGN) Parlay heels - Camel
Jewelry: (Modern.Couture) - Kasia Vine ~ Earrings and Necklace
Clutch: (Pink Acid) -  All About Gold Clutch - Gold @ SwagFest2
Ring: (Yummy) Gumball Princess - Pink Gacha @ Arcade
Poses:(pose+ivity) -  Sabreen Pack 4 Curvy

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things To Keep Me Warm

-click image to see larger view-

Fall is peeking around the corner and I'm restless. Stopped by several events this week and found tons of stuff to keep me warm! 

Lamira is Wearing:
Skin: [Al Vulo] Mimi - Sunkissed
Hair: [Mina] Astrid - Light Blonde
Eyes: [IKON] Vanity Eyes - Denim
Lipstick: [Pink Fuel] Harley - Stained Pink
Makeup: [Modish] Nica Vogue Eyeshadows
Moles: [BBB] Moles
Freckles: [Pink Acid] Freckles and Blush Make Up
Tats: [Taox] Leg Melodrama Bird & Tibetan Lotus Essence
Jacket: [Fishy Strawberry] Ducato Leather Jacket - Tobacco @ Kustom 9 Sept.
Top: [Snatch] Emily Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater - Aqua
Skirt: [Bueno] Hard Luck Denim Skirt - Indigo
Boots: [Reign] Moccasin Boots -Caramel
Scarf and Jewels: [CentoPallini] Silk Stole with Gem - Cream and Mocha @ Jewelry Fair Sept.

Ring: [CentoPallini] Pearl Button Ring - Silver @ Jewelry Fair Sept.
Ring: [Random Matters] Lenore Ring - Platinum @ The Secret Affair Sept
Earrings: [R+A] Diamond Petit Almond Earrings MP $10L
Flask: [Flite] Ravens Tavern Flask - Hooch @ The Secret Affair Sept

Bracelet: [Mandala] Sitennoah Simple Bracelet - Brown

Location: Firefly Meadows Shopping Sim with several adorable stores, beautifully landscaped.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall is Coming Soon

Ever just wanted to go out for a stroll. Well I ended up at the most amazing place Calas Galadhon ,so full of vibrant colors reminded me that fall is almost here.            ~ Smooches ~ Indigo
Indigo's Links
Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana
Tatas: (LolasTango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Rumpshaker:(BANNED) FitMesh Booty
Hands & Feet: (Slink)
Eyes: (IKON)  Ardent Eyes - Leather
Hair: (Spellbound)  Jezebel
Headband: (Magika) - Group Gift
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Make-Up: (Glamorize) ~Eyeshadow ~ Dotty Eye Makeup
Make-Up: (Glam Affair) ~Eyeliner~  Couture Eyeliner
Make-Up:(Pink Fuel) - Lipstick - Glossy Pout -Milkshake
Tattoo: (Letis Tattoo) - Dione :: MM12019
Outfit: ~ Top~ (ViSion) - Eva Top - Pink
Outfit: ~Pants~ (ViSion) -Jeans Loran W/ Appliers - Brown
Shoes:(Blah)- My Chained Heart Pumps- Pink
Jewelry: (E-Clipse) - Million Ring Gold - Gacha @ La Metallique Fair ~
Purse: (REIGN)- RENEGADE CLUTCH- CAMEL- RARE - Gacha @ No21 Event
Poses: (Le Poppycock) Sweet tooth @ The Chapter Four

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Always On Time

Click image for larger view.

My sissy Indigo is away for a few days and this has forced me into cleaning out my inventory and straighten up my house instead of shopping. -frowns- It's ok tho, I still found time to put together this super, sexy outfit and make a fast trip to the coffee shop ;)
~xoxo Lamira

Lamira is wearing:
SKIN: [Al Vulo] Mimi - Sunkissed
Hair: [Analog Dog] Ring - Dark Blondes
Eyes: [Buzzeri] Celestrial Eyes - Winter
Lipstick: [Pink Fuel] Glossy Pout
Makeup: [Modish] Nica Vogue Eyeshadows @ Swag Fest 2
Moles: [Oh!Liv] Facemoles
Tats: [Taox] Leg Melodrama Bird & Tibetan Lotus Essence
Nails: [ZOZ] Elegant Black Fingernail & Toenail
Dress: [Gawk] Black Vintage Blouse Dress
Shoes: [Reign] Magnetic Pumps
Bag: [Swallow] Handbag Killer Clutch Her - Rare @ Oh My Gacha [Aug] {TY Sissy! <3}
Watch: [Mandala] Billionaire - White @ Collabor88 [Aug] {TY Sissy! <3}
Rings: [Ryca] HPC Platinum
Ring: [R] Three Rose Ring $1L @ MP
Earrings: [Ryca] Hoop VN Platinum
Other stuff:
Pose: [Label Motion]
Location: [Spill The Beans]

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Swag Fest 2 - Sooo Swag-a-licious

I was soooo hyped for this event!!!  After much clicking to get in, I was school girl thrilled to see the event place was indicative of what I envision swag to represent, which is Urban Style.  Once my bags were loaded, I was eager to find a place, much like the event venue to shoot my pictures.  My explorations led me to a sim called "14 Urban City" and the Urban atmosphere was just my kind of SWAG.  It’s labeled as an urban role-playing sim, with skate ramps, graffiti covered street walls, nightclub hangout spot and even a section dedicated for role-playing.   After roaming the sim and seeing what all they had to offer I finally settled on an area which represents me well, the colorful part of me is what my SWAG is all about and why I started blogging.  
Smooches~ Indigo

Indigo's Links

Skin: (theSkinnery) Quiana 
Tatas: (Lolas Tango) Delicq Fitted Mesh Breasts
Rumpshaker:(BANNED) FitMesh Booty 
Hands & Feet: (Slink
Eyes: (IKON)  Ardent Eyes - Leather 
Hair: (little bones) Like a Dude - Ombre&Roots @ The Swag Fest 2
Lashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies Eyelash
Make-Up: (Glamorize) ~Eyeshadow ~ Innocent Eye Makeup
Make-Up: (Glam Affair) ~Eyeliner~  Couture Eyeliner 
Make-Up:(Pink Fuel) - Lipstick - Glossy Pout - Blue
Tattoo: (Letis Tattoo) - Dione :: MM12019
Outfit: ~ Top~ (EMPORIUM) - Top Pam @ The Swag Fest 2
Oufit: ~ Jacket~ (MODA) - Kami Outfit @ District 5 
Outfit: ~Pants~ (MoDANNA) - Graphique Collection Two-Toned Leggings Marine 
@ The Swag Fest 2
Shoes:(REIGN).- Rebel Heels- Mermaid @ The Swag Fest 2
Jewelry: (Forever Famous) - F*U Rings Set (Gold)@ The Swag Fest 2
Piercings: (Cute Poison) - Animus Piercings, Stellar Piercings & Aperient Piercings
Bat: (Region Defense) - Off Marketplace
Ciggie: (Virtual/Insanity) - Lucy Stroke Ciggie Dot 7 Gacha @ District 5
Poses: (Exposeur) - Urban Love


99 Problems...but a Bitch ain't one.[Swag Fest 2]

Swag Fest 2 opened on Saturday and holy crap my shopping bags are full! You will definitely see more posts with goodies from the event!
Oh, and just a quick little story for you. When I first started SL a couple years ago I purchased the free Drone Dance Hud from the MP [Get it Here]. It's just a fun,little hud that I've always kept, even on old alts. One of my fav songs on the hud is 99 Problems By Hugo and whenever I'm AFK I always set the song/dance and let my avatar jam away. Well, OMG!! I get to the swag fest and thePyramid has a top with 99 problems on it!! -Squeals-...this shirt was made for me!!! ;) Ok, not really but I had to have it and I had to blog it!! xoxoxo~ Lamira

Lamira's Wearing:
Skin: (Al Vulo) Mimi - Sunkissed
Hair & Base: (Runaway) Kelly - Blonds (Base Tinted - Brown)
Eyes: (Buzzeri) Faerie Eyes - Sapphire
Lips: (Pink Fuel) Essential Lipstics - Red
Makeup: (Modish) Nica Vogue [Set B] Eyeshadows @ Swag Fest 2 
Nails: (Hello Dave) Gacha Nail Appliers - Below Stairs [ Gift from my Sissy!! <3 Ty!!]
Top: (thePyramid) 99 Probs Tank - Holographic Black @ Swag Fest 2 
Shorts: (Lolita) Jeans Hight Waist Shorts - Blue @ Swag Fest 2 
Shoes: (Razor) Supra Kicks @ Swag Fest 2
Backpack: (Body Factory) Arlong BackPack - Wings @ Swag Fest 2
Bracelets: (Ryca) Linked Rston Platinum
Earrings:(Ryca) Crystal Hoops Platinum
Rings: (Ryca) HPC Platinum
Mesh Add Ons: 
Booty: (u L u k i e) Ghetto Booty (Store Currently Closed) :(
Hands: (Slink) Casual
Eyelashes: (Mon Cheri) Falsies