Saturday, September 27, 2014

...And then we laughed

This weekend is my RL birthday and when I logged onto SL Thursday night, I was greeted by my dear sis Indigo and the most wonderful surprise EVERR!! She had decorated our land for my birthday and had set up balloons, cake, champagne, and birthday gifts all for me!!! What makes this occasion even more special is the fact that this weekend is also a very important time in Indigo's RL. She had to be up VERY early Friday and had VERY important plans of her own for the entire weekend.......yet she waited up till nearly midnight (I had to work late >.<) and put together all these amazing festivities just to be able to celebrate my birthday with me!!! 

I cried, we hugged, we drank, and then we laughed!!! 

You know, getting older can be hard to deal with. -sigh- We tend to think about all the things we don't have, things we haven't done, and things we will never get to do...but looking at my life I have to say that I am very fortunate. I have my health, I have my daughter, I have my soul mate and I have my best friend/sister Indigo. True...I may not have a lot of things....but I have people in my life that make me feel loved, who make me laugh, and who are always there to remind me that I am not alone.

I will luv u foreva and eva Sissy! <3

~xoxoxo Lamira

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