Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Late resolutions

Well, my resolution to post more hasn't worked out so well. But, at least I got 1 in during January ;) Nothing fancy, just playing with some new windlight settings. And trying to get my land ready for spring.

Anywho, I love fashion and I always want the newest and latest of everything, but I don't like HUGE changes. For example, I've wanted a mesh head forever but every time I tried one on, I would find an excuse not to buy it. It wasn't the cost or any real reason other than I didn't feel like I would be me, anymore. Well, Indy got one and I seen just how flawless her makeup was in her photos I am with my new head and I LOVE IT!! I'd totally jump off a bridge with her...btw.

I have a couple RL things to get together than you are going to see some more really HUGE changes from me. I'm super excited. I've been working really hard and I hope all of my work pays stay tuned!!

Oh and keep following and fav'ing my sister Indigo's posts because she is doing one hell of a job, do ya think!!!  xoxo- Lamira

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