Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hun You Don't Look So Well

Hey all you fellow Gacha-holic, It's Christmas time for us!!!!  
 If you wonder where I been, let's just say
 Archibald and I saw a lot of each the last couple days.  
You can look for a couple more post of items 
I drooled over and spent much finger clicking time to acquire. 
 All in all this first post I'm featuring the ever so classic nurse,
 but with a little demented twist.  
You know where to get em, so get going before I use my syringe on you...
just teasing LOL

Hair: (TRUTH HAIR) ~  Damaris ~ Gacha @ The Arcade
Eyes: (Buzzeri) ~ Bewitched Eyes ~Demon
Make-up: (DeadApples) ~ Cinema Make Up
Tattoo: (prodigy ink) ~ 7P ~ Henna Tattoo ~ Ross Event
Lipstick: (PUMEC) ~ BamboO ~ Diana Lips ~  Red ~ past gacha rare
Dress: (B.C.C) ~ LoveHoney Nurse original Dark ~ Gacha Rare @ The Arcade
Headdress: (B.C.C) ~ LoveHoney Nurse Headdress ~ Blood Gacha @ The Arcade
Eye patch: (B.C.C) ~ LoveHoney Nurse Eye patch ~White Gacha @ The Arcade
Garter:  (B.C.C) ~ LoveHoney Nurse Garter  ~ Red Gacha @ The Arcade
Stethoscope: (B.C.C) ~ LoveHoney Nurse Stethoscope ~ White Gacha @ The Arcade
Shoes: (katat0nik) ~black nurse ~ Art shoes ~ Gacha @ The Arcade
Socks: (DAZED) ~ Sparrow Plain Socks ~ Lava ~ past gacha
Pose: (Bounce This Poses) ~ Destiny & Jordan

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