Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shirts vs Skins

Bad Unicorn has turned it up on the grid with his new creation, Hoops Gacha available at Epiphany.  I talked Kona into a one on one game as I explained the finer points of the game, which is "white men" can't jump rofl, Ok he let me win which is why he is the smart one lol.  The exclusive item for this gacha is the Hoop Pose Pack, which I was unable to get back into the event.  Trust me this is a must have collection.

Indy's Wearing
Eyes: (Ikon) ~Charm Eyes
Bodysuit: (B BOS) ~ Kalis ~ Red
Pants: (B BOS) ~ Shady Sweatpants ~ Queen
Earrings: (RYCA) ~ Pid Iced Hoop ~ Gold
Lanyard: (FLite) ~ DriveBy Keys ~ Black #19 ~ past gacha
Hair: (TRUTH HAIR) ~ Kora Gacha @Epiphany
Shoes: (BLK2.0) ~ Wassup Gacha ~ Rare White1986
Gloves:(Real Evil Industries) ~ Bad-Kitty Gloves Pack 2 Rare Gacha @ Epiphany
Basketball: (Bad Unicorn) ~ Basketball ~ Orange @ Epiphany

Kona's Wearing
Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Hope
Headphones: (Real Evil Industries) ~ Bad-Kitty Headphones ~ Black Gacha @ Epiphany
Hair: (Drot) ~ Seven ~ rare gacha ~ past gacha
Pants: (Sabotage) ~ Classic Joggers ~  Knicks Gacha Black Wallstreet
Shoes: (BLK2.0) ~ Wassup Gacha ~ Orange 
Pose: (BlackCatsPoses) ~  Basketball day 4 ~ Pose On Left


Bad Unicorn ~ Gacha @ Epiphany
Cage Court ~ Rare
 23 Hall of Fame Frame
32 Hall of Fame Frame
Water Bottle & Towels

Tote Bag ~ Gray ~ Past gacha

 Binge Watcher's Survival Kit ~ Couch Potato Chips ~ Past gacha

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