Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Savior Is Born

It's time for the Arcade Gacha Event and boy oh boy did Black Bantam really show up with their new gacha, Winter Miracles.  The entire grid has lost their minds over these adorable little babies.  They come in a range of 5 shades, wings and no wings versions and of course boy and girl.  The little miracles are just what we need to help remember the reason for season.  Black Bantam, Maury Povich is looking for you and YOU ARE THE DADDY, lol.

Hair: (Iconic) ~ Snow Hair ~ 2015 Christmas Gift
Wings: (Astralia) - Wisdom angel wing ~  Rare past gacha
Outfit: (The Annex) ~ Winter Queen Gacha ~ Crown, Cuff, Pasties, Skirt ~ White Gold ~ Past Gacha
Baby: (Black Bantam) ~ Miracle Angel Baby Boy @ Arcade Gacha Event 

Anc ~ Gacha @ Arcade
Camellia Gazebo
Waning Moon Chairs

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