Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Savage Doll Slay Vista Bento Prohands Review

Bento has the entire grid all a buzz with these new animated hands.  So we get new hands and next thing from any diva is what about my nails.  Well Gorgeous Dolls has you fully covered ladies with her all new jammed packed set of nails custom fitted for the new Vista Bento ProHands.  The Savage Doll Slay Multi Mani pack comes with 7 nail variations,6 nail polish huds for maximum customization, and a ring set. Gorgeous Dolls has always brought us some slaying nail designs as well as new nail shapes.  You can't go wrong with this all inclusive pack.

Nails & Rings: (Gorgeous Dolls) ~ Savage Doll Slay 
Hands: (Vista Animations) ~ Vista Pro Hands Bento

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