Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa On A Mission

     Kona got the idea in his head that he wanted to be Santa Claus.  So you know I immediately had visions of sexy Santa lol.  He started scouring the marketplace looking a santa suit and he came back to me all disappointed in what he found.  Most of the items were either old back in day designs from when second life first came to be or either too revealing.  I was like ooh you want to be classic Santa, and he was like yes.  Then I remembered this is the guy that was worried about my pixel bits showing and I smiled to myself.  He's such a sweet guy at times and I have remember to put that naughty me away sometimes rofl. So with that said I started my search for classic Santa suit and I was coming up empty.  Then out of blue, while browsing Flickr, one of the people I follow was dawning a classic Santa suit.  I squealed soo loud with glee and I knew I had to find this suit for Kona.  I inquired with my Flickr friend and he revealed the designer who made just what Kona was looking for in a suit.  Now I had to roll up my sleeves and cross my fingers and toes because this suit was a gacha rare.  Well luck was on my side today and I came home victorious.  Thank you Takuya for making this awesome suit, you made us both so very happy.

Kona Klaus is wearing:
Gloves:(Just Design) ~  Relax Navy ~ gacha @ TMD
Suit: (Gabriel) ~Santa Set ~ rare gacha @ TMD
Hat: (Reckless) ~ Santa Hat 2 ~ gacha @ TMD

Indy Elf is wearing:
Hair: (D!va) ~ Kelly ~ Onyx
Fur, Hat & Gloves: (tsg.) ~ Santa's Cap/Ribbon Gloves/ Trippet ~ Black ~ Gacha @ The Arcade
Dress: (Valentina E) ~ Noell Belted Dress ~ Evergreen ~ 50L Friday

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