Sunday, December 27, 2015

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve

     I started preparing for New Year's and decided I'd put together a pre New Year's look for you all.  New Year's is the time that we can start over and make a fresh start. Look over the past months and see where things didn't quite go right and make plans to get them right in the new year. There are always parties to attend and you need to be the sharpest tack in the bunch.  So with that said, I wanted to showcase this smoking hawt dress by Certifye.  I loved the double thigh high splits and the middle slit cut on the dress.  It's trendy and yet so stylish and omg look at my thighs and hips in this dress.  I had to find a hair that would do this dress justice and I found the Dolo by Rumina.  Now I know this hair is a couple years old, but look at the flip action.  It's still as hot as if it came out yesterday. Then to top it all off I found this classy fur stole by Gizza.  I truly melted in the store.  All the rich vibrant colors, it was hard to just grab one.  Finally to finish off my look, I ran over to Chic Chica and swooped up these twinkling shoes, called Starla.  I'm ready for the new year to begin and I look forward to see what 2016 will have in store for all of us.  I'm sure there will be some challenges as well as some victories.  Take your lumps but keep on keeping on. 
                                                                               xoxo Indigo

Hair: (Rumina) ~ Dolo ~ City Night
 Eyes: (Ikon) ~ Sovereign Eyes
Dress: (Certifye) ~ Joya ~ Wine
Stole: (Gizza) ~ Fur Stole ~ Burgundy
Shoes: (Chic Chica) ~ Starla Shoes ~ Wine
Eye Shadow: (adored) ~ night cat
Lipstick: (Just Magnetized) ~ Nessa ~ Fig
Clutch: (Indrya) ~ Snakeskin Clutch ~ Gold
Earring:(RYCA) ~ DPM ~ Gold
Necklace: (Yummy) Lotus Necklace ~ Gold
Bracelets: (Real Evil Industries) ~ Dark Queen Bracelets
Ring:(MINIMAL) ~ Pirate Ring Red ~ Gold Gacha @ Past Event
Necklace: (AMAYA) ~ Rosary Hamsa & Delicate Bead ~ Gacha @ Past Event
Poses: (Overlow Poses) ~ Pack 70

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